If you’re not on page one, you’re not anywhere!

That might sound harsh but it’s a cold fact of life on the internet.

SEO 2Studies have shown that the business ranked number one on the Google search page has about a 35% click-through rate. The number two: only 17%. The fact is, page one gets 90% of the hits and if you’re not on it then you lose. Effectively, you have zero internet presence. You are not a competitor.

A long term commitment to a comprehensive, well designed SEO campaign is the only way your company can achieve a substantial, long-lasting improvement in organic ranking.

Here at Atlanta Seo Hub we dissect the issues facing your company, website, competition and keywords to develop the kind of campaign that will pay off with significantly improved web ranking.

We guarantee it!

SEO or search engine optimization is not to be mistaken with PPC or pay per click advertising. They both are designed to bring traffic to your website and ultimately convert to a sale of a product or service but they are much different than one another in the way that they work. SEO or what is often referred to as SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a process of link building, content writing, blogging, and many more factors to push your rankings in search engines closer to the top naturally. At Atlanta SEO Hub, we work to get your business to the top of all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In studies done on SEO, it has been proven that organic listings receive more traffic than PPC ads. When deciding to invest in an SEO campaign, a company must ask themselves, “Is it worth it?” Is the ROI (Return on Investment) even there? Basically this is how we explain it to potential customers: If you were selling toothbrushes, it would probably take a lot of sales to make it worth your investment of marketing them on the Internet.

Our SEO services are unique and specific to every customer based on the industry or market they are doing business in. We often encourage businesses to run both a PPC ad and an SEO campaign if the budget is there. This increases brand awareness significantly which ultimately increases a company’s CTR (Click Through Rate). Being seen on the search engine results page twice can be a game changer for companies trying to get to the top of their industry and increase web presence.

SEO converts 100 times better than newspaper and even billboard ads. Try us out and see what we can do for your business. Your success is our success.

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