Award Winning Dashboard

Atlanta SEO Hub is proud to show off our award winning dashboard. It was set up originally for our employees to manage jobs that were ongoing for customers. We use this custom built dashboard to track phone calls, and the entire work schedule. With much thought, we decided that we wanted to have our company as transparent as possible so that our customers/clients can see exactly what they are paying for. The dashboard works like this. We go in and set up all of our customers with their own account, weather they are having SEO work done, or a website built or any other service. We then create a personal link for each customer so that they can log in at any time to view the entire work flow, including results, proposals, analytics, phone records, and website leads. Customers will also be able to see a list of tasks we will be performing along with comments, questions and concerns that we at the Atlanta SEO Hub team may have between ourselves and our customers. This transparency approach was designed to put our customers at ease and to let them know they are in good hands, by allowing them to see everything that is being done.

Contact UsThe dashboard has a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) function which allows the customer to have full control to navigate through and stay on top of the progress. A dashboard is an interface that allows users quick access to info and or job tasks. With the CRM function, the dashboard allows customers to monitor business performance using charts, graphs and other methods to display data.

We, as a marketing company and service provider at Atlanta SEO Hub, strive to do everything in our power to make our services a compelling customer experience. This is why we make all customer information available to all persons involved and have a personal level of service. This is exactly why we created our dashboard to separate ourselves from others in our industry when it comes to customer service.

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