Daniel Motes
CEO and Founder

Daniel MotesDaniel Motes has over 5 years of experience in Internet Marketing and Product Development, having industry experience working with local service businesses by consulting and implementing modern marketing strategies. Prior to co-founding Atlanta SEO Hub, LLC, Mr. Motes was a freelance affiliate marketer for various health supplement companies, including HemRid,one of the most popular products for hemorrhoid relief on the web today. After 3 months of promoting HemRid for commission, Daniel Motes was invited to be co-owner of the company which he continues to manage presently. Mr. Motes is also the co-owner of Worldwide Products, LLC, where his team developed a demo iPhone game application called My Fat Pig. As the game was played, coins were acquired throughout by users. Once the users acquired enough coins, they were able to trade the coins for a discount code on an e-commerce site (MyFatPig.com)with over 25K various products, and earn 10%-30% off of a single purchase. This strategy was created by Daniel Motes and business partner/ co-owner Brad Kuhn and has never been demonstrated by any other company thus far.






 Cam Wade
Director and Co-Founder

Cam WadeCam Wade is co-founder of Atlanta SEO Hub, LLC where he currently manages and works in the area of web design. Mr. Wade has worked as a Freelance web designer for the last three years and also has experience in Search Engine Optimization as well as Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management. Cam received a degree in business from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia where he currently resides. Mr. Wade has been inolved in a number of projects involving internet maketing and has marketed quite a few affiliate products online including health and wellness products like Hemrid where he worked for Mr. Motes and which soon led to the opening of Atlanta SEO Hub. Mr. Wade continues to further educate himself in the world of business and internet marketing to constantly stay ahead of the curve in a very competitive economy. He takes pride in helping other businesses grow to their desired level by creating a presence for them on the world wide internet and making sure brand awareness is in full affect.